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The purpose of this document is to show how I have met or exceeded the expectations of the requirements to move from Associate Professor to Professor.

Attached you will find my resume outlining my professional and teaching history. This shows that I have the technical competence to teach in the field of Information Technology and Cybersecurity. I have also attached documentation of certificates and certification training to further demonstrate my commitment to continuing education in my content area of Cybersecurity as well as in teaching and learning.

I have outlined my teaching philosophy and my contribution to the teaching mission of the College.

This portfolio is structured to address the specific evaluation checklist points. I have named each section in my portfolio similarly to the major points. Navigation across the top goes to the major standards. Make sure to note that there are two sub-standards for Standard 1; Teaching and Academic Leadership. On each page, you will also see a link to the specific standard criterion. Use the browser's back button to navigate back a page. Oval links are to documents.

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