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I implemented the College Perspectives Program in my face to face IVYT115 classes starting fall, 2015.  The purpose of that program was to assist in data gathering for the Mindset program by Dr. Carol Dweck. You can see the power of this program at the following website: https://www.mindsetworks.com/science/


Using the data given through Ivy Tech courses, the program was able to be strengthened and proven. In Fall 2017, the program turned from research into implementation and was used in the face to face IVYT115 classes that I taught. I have included a snapshot of the module from that class where the activity was located. It is called Perts.

I am a participant with the research project currently going on with Dr. Michele Van Noy at Rutgers University and how the TAACCCT grant money worked to help improve our students' experiences.

Other activities that are similar to research (that I have mentioned previously in this portfolio) included participation on a nation-wide panel to add cybersecurity topics into the computer science curriculum, worked with a panel to identity cybersecurity topics for a fundamentals class, and more recently to start building a competency-based education introduction to cybersecurity course based upon expected roles and knowledge units all cross-checked with certification objectives.

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